Echelon - the new standard in 1.5 Tesla MRI

Echelon - the new standard in 1.5 Tesla MRI
A fully featured, high-field performance MRI, incorporating state-of-the-art imaging tools which meet your current and future clinical demands.

Echelon is a fully  featured high-field performance MRI, incorporating powerful imaging tools to  meet your current and future demands. Its core is a high- performance,  short-bore, super-conductive magnet with high homogeneity and low cryogenic  boil-off.

Echelon is extremely practical, reliable and easy to use. This is a prime  example of a product which has benefited from Hitachi's experience and technological  superiority, gained as the global leader in open MRI, with more than 4,000  installations.


  • 1.5 Tesla high-field MRI
  • Short-bore, super-conductive magnet
  • High homogeneity
  • Low cryogen boil-off technology
  • 30mT/m 150T/m/s gradients
  • Scaleable RF systems up to 32 channels
  • HOSS advanced shim technology
  • Long stroke patient table
  • Multiple tabletop coil ports


  • 1.5 Tesla super-conductive magnet
  • Approved quality and reliability
  • High-field combined with a compact design
  • Scaleable RF channel system with up to 32 channels
  • High-Order active Shim System (HOSS™)
  • RADial Acquisition Regime (RADAR™)
  • Rapid Acquisition through Parallel Imaging Design (RAPID™)
  • Powerful VERTEX™ image reconstruction engine
  • SENTINEL™ remote assistance and monitoring for maximum uptime


  • Neuro imaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Contrast-Enhanced angiography
  • Cardiac imaging

  • Coils

  • 8 channel RAPID Head Coil
  • 16 channel RAPID CTL Coil
  • 8 channel RAPID Torso/Abdomen Coil
  • 8 channel RAPID Knee Coil
  • Multipurpose Coil
  • Quadrature Head Coil
  • Quadrature Body Coil
  • 8 channel RAPID Neuro Vascular Coil
  • 4 channel RAPID Wrist Coil
  • 7 channel RAPID Breast Coil
  • 6 channel RAPID Cervical Coil

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